Guest post from marketing coach Cathy Turney: Twitter, Why, Why, Why?

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What does anyone with a product or service to promote need?

A way into millions of minds, hearts, and pocketbooks.

Twitter is the way into millions of minds hearts and pocketbooks…for free. Fast. Easy…if you know the workarounds! Twitter can be obtuse. As a right-brain technophobe, I sweated bullets to make Twitter just work because not only was it the best way to market the real estate how-to book I had written, but it fit my budget: free. Which, by the way, Facebook when used for marketing is not. But that’s another story.

Here I’ll share a few keys to getting what you create out there in front of thousands of targeted eyes. Let me skip ahead, though, and say that many more screen shots and easy step-by-step instructions for how to do these things are contained in my book, Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers—Easily, Quickly, Ethically, available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Smooth those feathers! This will be fun.

Your Banner

Everyone seems to have a Twitter account, but few know how to work it to their advantage. It starts with the banner or header, the first impression you make, so it needs to be good. But you don’t need to create it yourself! The simple and inexpensive way is to have or another such service make it for you, and it can cost as little as $25. Simply tell them what you want in it, send them images to include if you have any (if you don’t, ask them to find some for you), and say you want it to fit Twitter banner format. Easy! They’ll send you the completed banner and you just upload it in the space provided on Twitter or tweak it at no additional cost; they’re eager to please. The more visuals you provide in your banner, the more diverse a group you’ll attract. Check out Twitter for others’ banners to see examples you might want to emulate.

Understand What # and @ Represent

Simply put, using “@” is similar to addressing someone by the title Mr. or Ms. Doing a Twitter search for either Cathy Turney or  @CathyTurneyLafs (my official Twitter name) would take you to my Twitter page. The hashtag (#) aggregates tweets, or posts, into categories: #cooking would take you to a stream of tweets about cooking.

Easily Target Those Who Want to Hear What You Have to Say

That’s where the # comes in. Say you have a yoga business and posted an article about it on your blog/website. You would simply go to Twitter’s search bar, type in #yoga (or some variation of that), hit return, and hundreds of recent posts on that topic would appear. Then you write and post a tweet, including #yoga in the text, and your message will appear in that same stream where everyone interested in #yoga will look. Like the one below:


The web address circled in red above directs readers to this business’s store. If you were to write a tweet directing people to your blog or website, you would put its web address there. This technique can be used to market anything you have to share—like your book!

Become More “Relevant” and Amass a Huge Following

Success breeds success. People want to see that others “endorse” you, and the at-a-glance way to say that is to have a large Twitter following. It’s easy to collect followers! Back to that #yoga stream you searched for; all you do is hover your mouse over either of the tweeter’s names (circled below):



A “FOLLOW” button would pop up, and you’d just click it. There—you just followed someone, and with any luck she’ll follow you back. Go through about 100 of those tweets a day (to begin with) and repeat that technique. Expect a 10 to 20 percent follow-back ratio. There is a much faster way which involves a very easy-to-use app (explained in detail in my book), but you can look more “relevant” every day by just doing this simple method.

Twitter can be fun, easy, and lucrative if you just know how to work it. Don’t think that you need to understand everything the program can do—no need. I just welcomed my 25,000th fledgling to my flock! With a few simple techniques and five to ten minutes a day, you can, too!


Cathy cropped facing right

Cathy Turney is the author of Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers—Easily, Quickly, Ethically, available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Her humorous tell-all about the real estate sales industry (Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success) won the American Business Association Stevie Award for Best Business Book of the Year 2015. She is a contributor to Huffington Post, tweets at @CathyTurneyLafs, and blogs at Email Cathy at