How It Works

We invite all interested clients to look over and select one of the packages of services that we offer, listed on the home page. We can also work with you to customize a package where you choose the publicity services you need. Once we begin work on publicizing your project, and receive your payment, we will distribute at least half of what we receive to someone on our team who’s providing research assistance and keep the rest for us to live on and invest back into the business. Our team members are people around the country who are living with disabilities, on their way out of homelessness, or otherwise in need of flexible employment opportunities.

Our prices are competitive considering the going rates for these services, and somewhat negotiable.

And our name, Authors, Large and Small, comes from William Blake’s poetry, where he celebrates the diversity of life on our planet, as it includes both the gentle lamb and fierce tiger.

Please feel free to contact me, Cristina Deptula, general manager, at for more information, and if you are interested in our services. You may also call us at 510-589-8252 (we check messages regularly) or find us on Facebook here:

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