Manuscript Editing and Market Research Services and Prices

Services Offered by Authors, Large and Small

First package, for $300

Read through your manuscript and write a synopsis.

Write query letters targeted for different editors or literary agents of your choice.

Second package, for $450

All the above services.

Edit your book proposal and provide detailed suggestions taking into account the market you are trying to reach.

Third package, for $600

All of the above services.

Research the market and send you a list of publishers, small presses and literary agents who are likely to take an interest in your work and who are accepting new clients.


Fourth package, for $850

All the above services.

Locate beta readers to go through your manuscript and provide detailed advice on plot, character, pacing, language and style and other elements of craft.

Light copy editing (grammar, spelling, sentence readability, flow, typo checking)


Fifth package, for $1100

All the above services.

Provide substantive editing (advice on character development, plot issues, pacing, etc) for a finished manuscript.

Provide scene-by-scene or chapter-by-chapter feedback, writers’ workshop style, for a manuscript in progress.


Other services, that can be substituted or included in a custom package

Submit your query letters and proposals to agents and editors.

Write back-cover copy or an endorsement for your book.

Refer you to affordable graphic designers who can create icons and logos and cover art.

Anything else that makes sense, that we work out together in the first consultation. We’re very flexible and would love to think and work creatively to help your book get into the best shape possible before publication.

Premium Express Custom Service, negotiable but usually around $1500

This is a special package where all outreach work services are handled personally by the executive director, who has a professional and academic background in journalism and has worked for years as a publicist with an independent publishing firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Services here can go beyond the scope of our normal packages and include items that you need and request. We will work with you and lend our professional expertise to devise a custom plan for your unique project.

For this level of service we will also work with whatever time frames you have for the project, setting out and completing certain deliverables and action steps within 30, 60 or 90 days.

Please feel free to contact me, Cristina Deptula, general manager, at for more information, and if you are interested in our services. You may also call us at 510-589-8252 (we check messages regularly) or find us on Facebook here: