Book Publicity Services and Prices

Services Offered by Authors, Large and Small

Exploratory package, for $300
Ideal to test the viability of a title before investing in a publicity
campaign.  Your book will be read by our team of experts and sample
reviewing readers who will give feedback, post online community reviews,
or both.  After 90 days you will get a final report indicating if a
publicity campaign is likely to yield positive results and, if not,
pinpoint obstacles to the title’s success and offer suggestions to
overcome them.
Emerging Author package, for $750
Best for self published books and small press books that are not
distributed to all retail stores.  We will generate an email pitch and
press release based on your work, locate and list relevant bloggers and
news media outlets (TV, newspaper, and radio) for your genre, send the
press release and your pitch out to bloggers, community reviewers and
media until you receive at least five comprehensive, well-written
reviews of your work or, at least one radio appearance, or a newspaper
calendar mention, or whatever else we determine together makes the most
sense to promote your book.  Provide comprehensive consultation specific
to the needs of the author and the book and, where appropriate, make
connections and provide contact information to pursue opportunities to
advance  the title. After 6 months you will get a final report itemizing
the results and make suggestions for going forward.
Standard Publicity package, for $1500
All of the above plus outreach to mainstream media, print, radio, and
television; targeted research, recommendations as appropriate for live
appearance venues; join literary communities online and drop mentions of
your book into conversation. After 6 months you will get a final report
itemizing the results and make suggestions for going forward.
Premium Express Custom Service, negotiable, starting at $1500
Services here can go beyond the scope of our normal packages and include
items such as social media design and maintenance, including but not
limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Goodreads, and title
website and blog; book trailer placement, digital marketing, SEO
consulting, selecting excerpts from your work and sending them to
literary and academic magazines, providing writing coaching as you
revise or expand a manuscript, planning and setting up blog and physical
tours, etc. We will work with you and lend our professional expertise to
devise a custom plan for your unique project. For this level of service
we will also work with whatever time frames you have for the project,
setting out and completing certain deliverables and action steps within
30, 60 or 90 days.
Book Exposition, Trade Show and Festival Representation $750
Your title will be on display at the exhibition space of Authors Large
and Small at several book events including BookExpoAmerica; hand out
material that you provide will be available to attendees at each event
once.  Before signing up for this service check to see if your publisher
is already representing your book at BookExpoAmerica.
Book Exposition and Festival Feature $2000
All of the above plus a large banner displayed for your title and the
staff of the display space will be well versed in your title and able to
represent it to attendees in person, making connections with buyers,
reviewers, media, librarians, tradespeople, appearance venues and other
interested parties.  If the author wishes to appear in person Authors
Large and Small will apply to have the author featured or allow the
author to meet attendees in person at our booth. This service is only
available for titles that have a rating of 4.25 with 5 or more unique
ratings on either Goodreads or Amazon.
Premium Library Outreach $2250.00
Our library expert represents title to 3000 librarians over a 6 month
period to achieve maximum potential library coverage.  This service is
only available for titles that have a rating of 4.25 with 5 or more
unique ratings on either Goodreads or Amazon, have a printed spine and
are available to libraries from Ingram (not Ingram Spark), or Baker &

Please feel free to contact me, Cristina Deptula, general manager, at for more information, and if you are interested in our services. You may also call us at 510-589-8252 (we check messages regularly) or find us on Facebook here:

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