What Others Are Saying

“Once I contacted Authors, Large and Small, my book started getting reviews.” — Christopher Bernard, San Francisco literary figure, author of the stream-of-consciousness novel A Spy in the Ruins

“You all have an amazing work ethic, and I appreciate your efforts!” — Lynn Gilbert, New York, NY author of Particular Passions, an oral history collection celebrating women who made contributions over the past century to different fields.

“You’re the Publicity Rock Stars!” – Charles Ayres, writer from Kansas now living in San Francisco, author of his memoir Impossibly Glamorous

“Just letting everyone know that you should bring your book here, they got me reviewed right away!” –Arthur Gonzalez, upstate New York author of the YA sci fi book The Photo Traveler

“Hi everyone, I received this note from my American publicist saying that I was about to get a heartfelt mention on Amazon.com, and my book’s just come out!” — Australian writer Alison Nancye, author of Note to Self

“Letting you know that I’m responding to all the public relations opportunities you send me, and I just appeared on a podcast, thanks to your help.” — Susan Maciak, Michigan career coach and author of Job Shopping: Don’t Settle for a Job that Sucks and What Are People Skills, Anyway? 

“Thank you very much. I trust your expertise in this arena.” — New Jersey author Paul Meinhardt, creator of The Afghan Queen, a memoir of his late wife’s work as an art dealer in Afghanistan

“Thank you for your love and light, and gentle spirit.” — Hevine Schmidt, Colorado author of Angels Come in All Shapes & Sizes, a collection of animal photography and short stories of the rescued creatures she and her family raised on their ranch.

“How do you keep your fingers in so many pies? You must have three hands.” — Roseann Lentin, publisher with New Jersey’s Turn the Page Press

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